Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Use Netbeans on c project with winscp

Normally I don't do much cee (actually it's Pro*c) my choice of editor in c is vi for quick change, but for larger project I needed to be able to code offline and have all the comfort of modern IDE.

Here is how I make my life easier. I do not have Pro*c compiler setup on Windows so the actual "make" is taking place on the Linux box. Which is fine during the coding phase and no need to deal with Makefile.

First install WinSCP screenshot below are from 4.2.7 I also setup ssh key with help of PuTTYgen this step is a separate topic. But in a quick summery first winscp login

You can navigate to the directory you want to keep in sync; there are few different options but I chose to use "Keep Remote Directory up to Date..." see screen shot below

I use the option that synch only existing files.

btw, depend on what is your use cases Netbean 6.8 does have Remote Development tutorial maybe helpful in your project.

Now let's talk about Netbean 6.8 as c/C++ IDE.
I really love how the IDE high light unused variable (black arrow) if you had to maintain old code base this is a nice feature.

The call graph (blue arrow) is a nice touch if you have to navigate spaghetti code.

The big problem I have is its use of memory (red arrow), I notice memory usage keeps on going up than I start to notice I can type much faster than code appears. To work around this problem I clicked on the "memory bar" to run garbage collect. Seems to help, I am still not sure why this happens?


masch said...

I have a projects that runs on PPC, Can I use Netbeans to debug it?


NOT A BANKER said...

I am not sure if you mean PPC like a pocket pc or do you mean platform power pc? Either one I can comment about it. netbeans community is very friendly search around netbeans.org